WhatsApp Web And How To Use Its Amazing Features

Whatsapp Web And How To Use Its Amazing Features

Whatsapp Web is freeware and a great messenger, Quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages by your computer. After adding spectacular features WhatsApp web support all users to accelerate the audios or videos by your desktop. Throughout the world web, WhatsApp is in very very high demand by everyone whether he is a businessman or serviceman. The company launches WhatsApp web in the year 2015. Web Whatsapp are computer-based extensions on your phone. The messages sent by you can be seen on both devices.

WhatsApp Web And How To Use Its Amazing Features
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All of your conversations are now in the browser. The recipient never knows about anything whether he is using WhatsApp web or mobile app. This feature is very helpful for the young generation and students as well to solve their educational queries online through mobile or through the desktop versions. A large number of users access these services throughout the world.

  • For that setting, I tell you an easy and simple step that you need to follow:
  • On your computer one the browser and log in to web.whtsapp.com and press enter
  • You will now be asked to open a QR code which is mention below.

WhatsApp Web And How To Use Its Amazing Features
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Simply point your mobile camera on the access code and scan this bar code to access WhatsApp web which has amazing features. 

  1.  If you have an android smartphone then whtsapp>tap the vertical three dots icon and select WhatsApp web
  2. If you have an I phone whtsapp>tapsettings>followed by web WhatsApp

Whatsapp web will be now open on your computer system, after that, you will enjoying amazing videos, audio, and images and chat with friends by open new chat icons and by opening chat threads as well. The good thing is that you are using web WhatsApp on your PC without a mobile phone. So this is how web Whatsapp works on your PC. In present time it is aboon for the young and adults as well. So, please enjoy this amazing feature.

You can access multiple files and videos at some time. For those users who have some issues with their mobiles, they can use this feature and it is a boon for them as well. You can also copy or share different contents by the computer which is not accessible through your mobile or have some issue in downloading as well. Web Whatsapp has so many different features which are recommended by our technical engineers as well. 

But be always prepared to use it in a positive way rather than in a negative way which is not good for all of us, because some users download porn movies or wrong content which is not a very good thing as it spoils our life, time, and money as well. In the line of education use of wrong content is very dangerous, as it disturbs our mind and you all know that it is wastage for us, Please ignore them and make the use of web Whatsapp in a good and best way

So, my dear friends, I hope you will understand the features of using web WhatsApp and make your life very easy and convenient as well by using Web Whatsapp.

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