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Special About Navratri 2021 And Diwali

Special About Navratri 2021 And Diwali

Navratri 2021 is a Hindu festival that is celebrated in the season of autumn or in the month of October as well i.e few days before the Dussehra festival. It is believed that Mata Durga is an incarnation of Maa Parvati. The festival celebrates the defeat of Mahishasura by goddess Parvati.

Special About Navratri 2021 And Diwali
9 avatars of Maa Durga Image

These nine days are solely dedicated to Nav Durga and her 8 avatars and you can see the decoration and lighting of the temples on those days which is amazing. The 9 avatars of Maa Durga areas:

1. Shailputri

2. Brahamcharini

3. Chandraghanta

4. Kushmanda

5. Skandmata

6. Katyayani

7. Kalaratri

8. Mahagauri

9. Siddhidatri

Special About Navratri 2021 And Diwali
Mata Image

In this month there are 8 days of this Navratri festival because two days are lapse in one day. Some people celebrate Ashtami with Kanya pooja and some people celebrate Navmi as well... On the 10th day, the Dussehra festival is celebrated all over India, on which Lord Rama Defeated Ravana the king of Lanka. You can also see the Ramleela in different places and on television as well. After 18 days the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated by the people on which women purchase new Utensils from the market. Thereafter Choti Diwali is celebrated by all. After 20 days we celebrated the Greatest Festival of All Hindus, Diwali. On this Day Everyone Worship Lord Ganesha with Maa Laxmi(Goddess)of Money and Wealth.

Special About Navratri 2021 And Diwali
Diwali Image

Sikh people celebrate Diwali because, on that date, their Sixth Guru got free from prison in the year 1619. People of the Jain community also celebrate this festival because of the memory of their 24th Tirthankara Mahavira and their contribution to mankind.

After this festival, the next day we celebrate Vishwakarma Pooja, on that day we worship Lord Vishwakarma and machines and tools. On the next day, we Celebrate Bhaiya Dooj on which every sister, Tilak their brother for the long age him. According to ancient times, Yamuna was the sister of Yamraj on that she took Tilak on her brother Yamraj and prayed for their wealth and happiness. And Lord Yamraj gave a boon to his sister that for every sister that day is memorable for their brother long life and happiness.

In that way, all festivals are celebrated by us. Really this is an amazing month for all of us and the first week of next month will also be amazing for all. I hope you all celebrate this month with joy and happiness and the next month as well and will give gifts to your loved ones and relatives or friends with joy and energy or happiness.

India is a country of great festivals, every festival has its own importance in India. Everyone likes every festival or occasion in India. It is a government festival or religious festival, every festival comes with joy and happiness in our life, so my dear is our duty to celebrate the festival with more energy and efficiency to make our life happy.

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