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Sneha Dubey's Speech against Pakistan In UN


Sneha Dubey's Speech against Pakistan In UN
Sneha Dubey Image
Sneha Dubey is the Indian Foreign Service Officer of the 2012  batch and the first secretary at the United Nations.

She gave a proper response to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan about how he gives growth to terrorism in the world. She also accused Pakistan of giving shelter to the mastermind of terrorist Osama Bin Laden who was killed by US army forces in 2011.

Sneha told Imran Khan on 24th September 2021 at UNGA.

The World has not forgotten that the mastermind behind that dastardly event, Osama Bin Laden got shelter in Pakistan, even today Pakistan leadership glorify him as "Martyr"

Sneha also told further that

It is regrettable that this is not the first time the leader of Pakistan has 'misused' platforms provided by the UN to "propagate wrong and malicious propaganda again my country and seeking in vain to divert's the World's attention from the sad state of his country where terrorist enjoy free pass while the lives of ordinary people, especially belonging to the minority communities are turned upside down

She also told in her speech that how Pakistan provide financial help to the terrorists. Shee told to the President of the UN that our UN member countries know how Pakistan gives support to terrorism and Pakistan was a history of supporting terrorism. Pakistan also gives training and guidance to the terrorists in their country and this is a part of their policy as well.

Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh Union Territories are part of India and are our parts in the future as well. In Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh, there is some state which is now in the Pakistan hands and I calls UN to vacate all those places From Pakistan.

Sneha Dubey's Speech against Pakistan In UN
Imran Khan And Sneha Dubey Image

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Really that was an amazing speech given by Sneha Dubey against Pakistan who is the country of Terrorism and enemy as well of many countries including India. I think Pakistan Prime Minister ImranKhan thinks about her speech and also thinking about them and will take appropriate action against Terrorism from their country. 

The speech gave by her was appreciated by every person of our country even by our Indian Government as well. Everyone give thanks to her for their speech at the UN which was really energetic, transparent, and very effective for our country's democracy. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and different ministers as well Congratulate her for this best speech and also give their thanks to this young lady Sneha Dubey on her great speech against Pakistan.

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