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Things Which Are Beneficial For Your Eyes

Friends, as we all know Eyes are a very Important Body Organ, so it is our first duty to keep our eyes safe and unaffected from different diseases. In this blog, we are discussing what are the key factors and what are the different things which are very good for our eyes.

Apart from that, we are also discussing with you that how we remove our obstacles and remove different eye diseases. So, let's start friends.

1. The first, thing is that use of lemons is very good for your eyes. So, I suggest you please increase the number of lemons in your diet as well.

2. Wash your eyes daily with fresh water and this is the best cure for your eyes as well. So please keep in mind whenever you awake in the morning wash your eyes with fresh water.

3. Never ever read books or novels or reading articles in very dim light because it harms your eyes a lot, so keep in mind that always read articles in the good and proper light. Also, keep a proper distance between your eyes and reading articles (books, novels, newspapers,s, etc.)

4. Vitamin C is very good for the eyes like lemons take that fruits or vegetables which is enriched in Vitamin C like Oranges, Sweet Lemon(Mausambi), Guavas, Kiwifruit, Tomatoes, Aamla, etc.

5. The ointment is Gulab Jal. It is the best medicine for the eyes. You can purchase it from Pansori shop, Chemist shop, Kirana shops at nominal rates. To use this in your eyes is the very best option to secure your eyes from dust, warmth, infection, etc.

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