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5 Methods Helpful In Burn Of Body Parts


5 Methods Helpful In Burn Of Body Parts

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Burn problem is very common in the household nowadays. Some people spend a lot of money on burning problems. You heard on the day of Diwali how many people burn from crackers and how much lost their body part or even life as well. So my dear friend's let's speak on the burning problem and how we get a good and recent resolution from that problem.

As we know, in Kitchen, Ladies are not safe. They always have some risk of burning either from Fire or From Hot Utensils. So, in this blog, we are discussing some of the methods which are so useful in burning problems and very effective as well for us. So, let's start with that.

1. Put Clove(Laung) Powder With Honey on Burnt Place

It is the first method. Clove powder is very effective if any body part or skin is burnt from fire or by any other way put clove powder with honey on that place which is very beneficial for you and gives relaxation from heating and it is a very convenient way in burning problem.

2. Wash Burn Part Or Skin With Cold Water And Put Raw Potato

Yes, potatoes are very crucial if you have burnt skin or some burnt body part you should always use raw potato for the best result. It is an ayurvedic method as well. Always wash the burnt part with cold water and it is very effective from heating and you can put ice cubes as well.

5 Methods Helpful In Burn Of Body Parts
Potatoes Image

3. Take Saptron Tablets As Well

It is the third method in the burning problem. You should always take saptron tablets as well because it dries your all burning marks and it is antiseptic tablets as well. So dear friends Saptron tablets are very effective for you in this problem. So always use these tablets for better and beneficial results for your body. You can purchase that from Chemist Shop easily.

4. Paste Of Turmeric With Cold Water Or Honey Is Useful

The use of Turmeric(Haldi) paste is so useful on the burnt part of the body. This is also used to remove the marks of the burn from the body, so I think it is so beneficial for you. So, friends as I discussed with you that Turmeric is antiseptic and it has so many benefits as well. So, you can use turmeric as an aid in burning problems as well.

5. RatanJyot With Coco Nut Oil Is Very Helpful

Ratanjyot is ayurvedic medicine. You can get it from Pansari Shop or Big Retailers as well. You can use it with coconut oil and put that on the burning part, in this way it is very beneficial for your body as well. It is a very effective method for burning problems, so please use this as well.

5 Methods Helpful In Burn Of Body Parts
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Dear Friends, I discuss some good methods with you regarding the burning problem. Hope You all like my views or comments on this problem. Apart from that if you have a major injury from Burning please concern with a doctor on an emergent basis because this problem is very risky even for your life as well. So, be safe and always take precautions from fire, hot utensils, and electricity as well, because everyone's life is very important and everyone takes care of it.

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