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Holidays Of August Month

Holidays Of August Month

Raksha Bandhan

On 3rd August 2020, we will celebrate Raksha Bandhan which is a very good festival for both brother and sister. On that day sister tied Rakhi on her brother's hand and hope that her brother saves her from different problems, situations, or bad moments of life. Brother also contributes some money to her and hopes for her good life.

There were different stories related to the past of this festival. "It was the day of Poornima of Shravana Month on which Draupadi tied a knot of her cloth on Krishna's hand and Lord Krishna helps her at the bad time of Draupadi in Mahabharata".  

There were so many stories that are related to this festival, since the Mughal time as well. When Rajputana Rani Karnavati sent a Rakhi thread to Mughal Emperor for saving her kingdom from Mughal Emperor and Mughal king starting off his troops from her kingdom without wasting time.

So, we all should enjoy this festival with happiness and share our good feelings towards you sisters and brothers.

Independence Day

This is our 2nd National Festival, after the republic day. On that day our Prime Minister hosts flag on the floor of Red Fort and gives their message to the nation. On 15th August 1947, we've got freedom from the British government. Since 1947, we celebrate this festival every year and give a new message of our victory to the other countries as well.

On the Red Fort, you also see different types of activities, dance programs, cultural activities, etc. the same you saw at the time of 26th January. So many guests also come to celebrate this great national festival like President, VicePresident, Different Ministers, Sports Person, etc.

You also see in the sky that so many people enjoy flying Kites the whole day which looks very
nice and sees a colorful sky in the evening time. So, I think all of us celebrate this festival with joy, happiness and express our feelings in the right way towards our nation. 

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