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Different Styles Of Walking & Sitting

Different Styles Of Walking & Sitting

Friends, now come on the very important thing, as we discuss fashion that both the things give you unique and different personalities. Yes, we are talking about walking and sitting. Some people do not observe those things but 60-70% observe those things. 

It gives your personality a unique and modern look. You see walking and sitting style of big superstars, actors, singers, etc. which differentiate them from us. So, our other motive is the way of walking and sitting which is the very main thing.

Friends, if your walking style and sitting style is different many people think that it is a big person or personality. So, friends let's discuss some of the points in brief:

1. Always walk at a medium speed not fast and not too slow.
2. When you walk, no talk with any of your friends or on mobile.
3. Always walk straight, not bent on a single side, or not fold your arms.
4. Wear loose footwear, not tight-fitting footwear.
5. When you walk not look here and there always walk straight and see always behind.
6. Control your hand movement while walking.

Now, come on to the other point which is related to our sitting. Yes, some people have a habit of sitting in a wrong way or moulded their legs or hanging their legs which is a quite inadequate way of sitting. Many people sit properly which shows their unique and different personality to the other people.

You see some people in the park cross their one leg on the other and sit in a relaxing manner which is quite good. But this case is different in the meeting when seniors attend that meeting
and tell you each and everything, everyone determines your sitting position there so, be very attentive at that time.Sit in a proper and in a good manner so that it gives a good impression on the seniors. 

Sitting with a straight back and shoulders will not only improve a person's physical health but can make them feel more confident. Friends lets discuss the ways of correct sitting:

1. Sit always straight on the seat and sit properly.
2. Your spine touches the backside of the seat and sit always in a relaxing mode, not seat in a way that you are in a hurry position.
3. Legs are not hanging and are straight.
4. Hands are always free and on the seat otherwise, fold. 
5. Not jump on the seat, and not move always if you are on the seat.

So, friends, these are some common tips for improving a good and unique personality. I hope you understand that and work accordingly.

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