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Remedies For Increasing Your Weight That Give You Best Result

Remedies For Increasing The Weight That Gives You Best Result

Friends, Now we discuss some other points which give us the best result to gain weight and have a decent look. As we all know a healthy person has a nice look and has their own attraction towards other people. So, for all who are not healthy or who have less weight, we discuss some topics which are beneficial for them and provide a good result for them. Now discuss what are those points:

1. Use of Banana After Your Meal Is The Best Option

Banana is a very good source of Vitamins, Fiber, Proteins, and Fat. Use 2-3 Bananas daily is a very good option for gaining weight or you also take a banana shake as well which is essential for gaining weight.

2. Drink Lot Of Water On Regular Basis

Water, yes water is also required for your body for its better growth. It is also known as the most hydrating liquid or promotes cardiovascular health. But only depending on water for gaining weight is a wrong thing. So, according to your body structure drink water that gives you the best result and is also beneficial for your body.

3. Use Of Potatoes And Rice In Your Meal

This is the other good option for you in gaining weight, the use of potatoes and rice as potatoes is the rich source of Potassium, Vitamin C, and Carbohydrates. Rice is a good source of protein and carbohydrates. So they both are good sources of gaining weight.

4. Dried Fruit And Milk

The other best option is the use of dried fruits or milk of buffalo which is a very fine option for you to gain weight. In dried fruits, you may take almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, wall nuts as well. As they are a good source of nutrition in our body. Also, you take 2 times milk for gaining weight. Almonds are also used for increasing your memory power.


5. Use Of  Boiled Eggs Is The Other Best Option

Yes, boiled eggs are the other best option for you. As some guys say that we do not afford too much in that case this is the best option for you. 2 eggs cost you around 10-12 rupees or you take 3 eggs as well in the whole day which is the best opinion for gaining weight.

So, friends by choosing this weight gaining method you can easily gain your weight but the main thing is that you not lost your sperm or semen from your body by doing any wrong activity, which is the main or important thing in the human body. In that way, you definitely gain good weight and your look is also very awesome.

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