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How Amla & Its Powder Is Useful For Our Body

How Amla & Its Powder Is Useful For Our Body

Amla has 8 times more Vitamin C than Orange. and 17 times than pomegranate(Anaar), that is why Amla deserves the superfood status.

So, friends let's discuss some of the other major points for the use of Amla.

1. It Improves Our Eyesight

Amla is a source of Vitamin C as well as carotene present in it helps to improve our eyesight
or vision. Regular use of Amla is very useful for our eyes to fight different eye problems like cataracts, watering of eyes, etc.

2. Builds Immunity

Amla's antibacterial and astringent properties boost our Immune System. It is very useful and fights cancer problems and others as well. So, I think it is a boon for our Immune System.

3. UseFul For Glowing Skin

The third best feature of Amla is that this is very useful for glowing skin. In the morning one glass of Amla juice with Honey can give you healthy and glowing skin

4. Need Ful For Good Digestion System

Yes, Amla powder is very needed full for a good digestion system because Amla has high fiber content and acid which is very useful as in the Digestion of Food.

5. Helpful For Hair As Well

It acts as a Natural Conditioner for hair. Amla Powder or Amla Oil is mix with Henna and applies this pack for your Hair, which also gives you the best result.

So, friends, there are so many other benefits as well as Amla has. The daily use of Amla gives you the best result in your life. Amla is best for your overall health as well. So, I recommend all of you to please use Amla for a good and decent life.

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