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Fashion Related To Shoes (Part 2)

Fashion Related To Shoes(Part 2)
So, friends now come to our other section, which is related to fashion. Yes, we are talking about Shoes.

As we discussed earlier, Footwear refers to the garments worn on the feet, which originally serve to purpose of protection against adversities of the environment usually regarding ground textures and temperatures. 

Footwear has been in use since the earliest human history. So, not go in deep just cover our views on that topic Shoes.

Now come on the point that how Shoes are important for grooming a personality. You see in marriages and in functions that so many men and women wear different types of Shoes, Different Sandals, Flotters, Gurgabi, etc. to look fascinating and attractive in that ceremony

There are different people in the world, everyone has their own choice, some want leather shoes, some want sports shoes, some like simple shoes or vice versa. But friends keep in mind that in marriages or on big occasions some want leather shoes which is probably OK, my main concern is that you always choose according to your clothing which gives you a unique look.

Another option is that you can choose Shoes, according to your budget, color, or according to companies like Relaxo, Puma, Adidas, Bata, Nike, etc. But friends not to spend enough money only on shoes, choose according to your style and preference that grooming your personality.

hope dear friends, you totally understand my views and concern related to this topic and choose the best footwear according to your budget, need, style, size, color, and preference that enhance your personality.

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