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                              FASHION IN TODAY'S LIFE

Fashion is the prevailing style of dress or behavior at any given time. It is changing in our daily life day today. As compared with the past decades you see so many changes and different styles or modes of fashion.

It is not only in clothes but in everything for e.g in the 90's you saw one or two models of cars like Maruti or Van but nowadays you see so many different types of models of cars like Wagon R, Swift, Alto, Baleno, etc.

Same in Television I heard about 2-3 brands like Bush, Sony, BPL but nowadays you see so many different types of television in the market or LED or LCD by different companies like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Onida, etc.

Every person in their life wants new fashion either in Clothes or in Daily Products. The present generation is very different from the past generation. You also take the example of women who were in Suits or Sarees but nowadays you see different girls in Jeans. So many things are changing day by day very fastly.

So, we are discussing different topics related to our social, economical, physical, or mental life. New fashion changes the whole personality of a person socially or economically. No one in this world wants to look poor, humble, unmotivated, or weak.

So by our blogs, we want to develop your life slowly into the right or in a very good condition. No matter you are a poor or a rich person or belongs to a middle-class family, our motive is to boost your life in this social environment.

As the name Replete Fashion means complete fashion, which creates a big difference in your life and suggests a decent way towards your progress in life. But it is your duty to read our thoughts and views on a daily basis so that you are able to face the challenges in social, mental, or economical life.

You can also share your views and concerns regarding your life, we are very happy to read that and hope to suggest a good way towards success. See no one is rich by birth or no one is very mature by birth, it is our habits or daily routine which make you a Successful or Unsuccessful person in life.

Apart from fashion, there are so many other things as well in life which make you a complete person.
With the help of our blogs, we are discussing all those things with you.

In our blogs, we are discussing those things which give a new direction to our life. So keep in touch with us for more views and thoughts about fashion and about a decent life. A life with joy, peace, and happiness which raises your level and develops your own personality in a decent manner.

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