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Different Type Of Food For A Good Health

Different Type Of Food For A Good Health

Now, friends come to the other section which is related to health. Yes, we are talking about food, and how food is important for good health. So many people want Vegetarian and mostly like non-vegetarian food. So, let's discuss how vegetarian and non-vegetarian food are good for our health.

Dear Friends, I prefer vegetarian food as compare with non-vegetarian food. There are so many reasons for that. But the people who want non-vegetarian food are also right, I do not say them wrong. But eating too much non-veg food is not good for our health as surveys or medical reports say that thing. 

So, what are the type of food that we need for our good health? We are discussing that in brief with you, so let's start:

1. Eating Two-Three bananas is very good for health daily

Bananas are a good source of carbohydrates, potassium, vitamins, etc. It is very good for our health. After your meal one banana gives the best result for your health.

2. Two-Three Eggs are also very good for your health

Eggs are a natural source of many nutrients like protein, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. Eggs are relatively low-calorie food. So, eating eggs in your diet is the other best option for you.

3. Use Green Vegetables Or Root Leaves Food

This is the other best option for a good heath that you use green vegetables like a green bean, cucumber, okra, spinach, cabbage, etc. or root leaves like turnip, cabbage, carrot, etc. in your meal for better health.

4. Salad Of Fruits & Vegetables Is The Right Option 

The fourth option is a salad of mixed vegetables like carrots, apples, tomatoes, boil potatoes,  etc. This is a great option for your health. So, use this as an option in your meal. 

5. One-Two Glass Of Milk & Daily Exercises

Milk is a boon for good health. Buffaloe's milk is used mostly by slim people, which is not a bad option. So you can choose the necessary time for drinking at least one glass of milk either cow's milk, buffaloe's milk, or full cream milk. The other option is you do daily exercise at least half an hour which is very good for your health and 15-20 minutes walking is a boon for your good health.

So, friends, I think you all understand the things which I share with you and use those things in your routine and in your meal as well.

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