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Basic Etiquette That We All Need To Follow

Basic Etiquettes That We All Need To Follow 

Now, dear friends let's discuss some of the basic etiquettes that we need to follow. Suppose if you do not have all that etiquette, your personality is not a fine personality. Personality depends only on complete things whether it is a lifestyle, behavior, dressing sense, diet, positive attitude, way of living, gesture, way of thinking towards others and many more things make a complete personality, so let's discuss proper behavior.

As we all know, so many things we learn from our parents, grandparents, teachers, from society, and from other people as well. So, what is those things that change our life in a decent way and sort out very big problems in the right manner, let's discuss those things.

Dear Friends, I do not say that all people are wrong, or the behavior of all people is bad. You are the owners of your own image in society. Everyone knows his/her behavior. It is not one-day or two-day making, it is the process of your whole life. When you meet with someone they see your behavior first then come other things. So, friends what are those points that are good for behavior let's discuss:

1. Not Making Fun Of People

This is the first point that not making fun of people, is because that creates your wrong image in front of a person. You think on your own that it is a good sign in your personality or a bad sign to make fun of a person, you get the answer on your own. Even sometimes you meet with lower-class people but not make fun of them, this creates your best image and grooms your personality.

2. Say 'Sorry' & 'Thank you To The People

Say Sorry to the other person when you have done wrong or by mistake, that gives a proper revert from your side, and Thankyou when someone helps you or completes the task outside, say thanks to him. These two words are small but give a positive effect on others.

3. Being Compassionate And Helpful

Learning to show compassion and being helpful to others is the other method of creating a positive image towards other people. Everyone respect that person who is ready to help others without any selfishness or partiality. So, being a compassionate and helpful person.

4. Asking Before Taking Anything

This means, whenever you want to take something of the other person, whether an object or anything please ask from them instead of using that thing on your own, is the best sign of your image.

5. Learning To Share

Yes, this is the fifth-best habit that we want to develop in ourselves. Whenever we take our meal or take something we first ask from the person who is behind us then take. This shows another positive sign in our image.

6. Establishing Eye Contacts With Others

Maintaining eye contact while having a conversation indicates social confidence and respect for people. So, establishing eye contact with others is a very good positive sign in your image.

7. Never Using Foul Language

Foul language is disrespectful and unpleasant. Even Abusive Language or Wrong Abusive Words are very harsh. So please avoid that while talking with other people.

8. Learning And Remembering People's Name

Using and remembering someone's name shows that you have made an effort to recognize and remember them, which is also a good sign. So please call people by their name or add 'Ji' after their name is a good thing.

So, friends, I hope all of you understand my views & work on them to achieve a good and decent personality in the future.

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